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I’ve been having a lot of free time to work on my writing since I’m currently unemployed and searching for a new job. I’m trying not to get stressed out about it like I did last time, so I’m staying busy.

But seriously I’ve been watching the weirdest movies while I write. Like I watched that strange version of Othello with Josh Hartnett and Uptown Girls yesterday and today I just watched She’s All That.

I think it’s turning my brain into jelly, but also making me super productive.

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Boards don’t hit back.

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E l l e ?

B e a .

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I don’t know why I picked such a long book to be my first book of 2014, but Battle Royale is so good and I don’t regret my decision.

Heather Langenkamp in her iconic role as Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, dir. Wes Craven)

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Girl #13: Takako Chigusa

Girl #13: Takako Chigusa

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What she lacks in age, she makes up for in madness.

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"In designing and making Coraline, I went through a lot of drawings, sculptures, a lot of versions of her hair… to refine her to be this character that you could bring to life. The main thing was let her be a beacon of color. We put a lot of love and care into all the choices of how she looks." - Henry Selick, director of Laika’s Coraline (2009)

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